SpainGroup A / Mainround 1 / Finals

Although the national team is going to play in the “death group”, its National trainer, Valero Rivera, declares that Spain is able “to beat anybody”. "We were unlucky at the groups draw for the Sweden World Championship", he says.

Spain will play in Group A, playing with France, Germany, Tunisia, Egypt and Bahrain to get one of the three positions.
Once the draw finished, the national trainer offered his first impressions regarding the Spanish opponents that will have to face at the first phase. 
“There is no doubt that we are in the strongest group of the tournament, not only we play against the best current national team but also we need to beat Germany, which is trying as well to built its project for the Olympic Games in London; with reference to the African opponents, Tunisia and Egypt, both very compact teams, specially at the beginning of this kind of tournaments, in which they will show its speed and physical power. Bahrain is the only adversary truly achievable”, says the Spanish technician.
There is a lot of difficulty, and we do not know the match schedule, but Mr. Valero has already started to study the possibilities to pass to the second phase, where Spain will have to play against the three best teams of Group B, integrated by Island, Norway, Austria, Hungary, Brazil and Japan.
“If we keep our progress shown in Austria, we will be able to win everybody, but we need to be 100 per cent in all aspects of the play. If we beat Tunisia and Egypt, something that we are aware that is difficult, the match against Germany will indicate the future of the team. The team’s aim is to classify with the highest number of points. If we enter with 2 or 4 points, we have the possibility to go to the semifinals if we beat the three classify teams of Group B, in which the most powerful team is Island. 
In addition, the national trainer knows that the player’s playing conditions at the end of the first leg in ASOBAL league will be also a determinant point. 
“The most important is to do not have any injuries, to be able to choose between the multiple options that we have to form the team and to have an intense preparation in order to be fit for the occasion. Then, the competition will decide where we deserve to be, but if we confront the tournament in the same conditions as in Austria, we should be moderately optimistic.”