RomaniaGroup C / Presidents Cup


Since 1961 Russia always had been an important part of all World Championships and took three Gold medals (including former Sovjet Union and GUS teams) – but after 49 years this series of success had come to an end in 2010. After losing the first leg of the qualification with a five goal difference on home court the Romanians shocked Russia in their lion’s den in Chechov with a six goal victory and celebrated the biggest sensation in the whole WCH qualification for Sweden. After they had been the leading nation with the WCH titles in the 1970’s the Romanians decreased and returned to World Championships in 2009 when they ranked 15th at the end. But as their team improved thanks to a lot of legioneers playing in top clubs and as the Romanian clubs like Steaua and Constanta also strengthened, men’s handball had become more important. Players like wing Ghionnea represent European top class even as the women are much more successful.