Statements after the final

Statements after the final

Ulrik Wilbek, Danish coach: We played a fantastic tournament, and we had no defeat in normal playing time. We lost a final against the best team of the world and we proved we are on the same level as France. We were unlucky in the beginning when pour left handed player Kasper Söndergaard was injured. But we came back every time and equalized the French lead often. We are very close to France. If we would have led in the 60 first minutes it might be in a different way. France has the more experienced team – but I hope that both teams meet in more finals in future. We are proud of a fantastic tournament.

Anders Eggert, Danish player: We are very disappointed at the moment, but we will realize that we played a great tournament – and we will be back in future.

Claude Onesta, French coach: This title means a great satisfaction to me – but I have to thank the Danish team and the Danish coach. They pushed us to the limit. I think this was a great handball game, both teams performed in a high quality. And I agree to Ulrik Wilbek: We will play much more finals in future.

Cedric Sorhaindo, French player: It was a great and difficult game for us. Denmark forced us to play our best. And to be honest, we had more luck than the Danes.

Arnaud Bingo, French player: Two great teams met in a great final. Denmark could also have won the game, but fortunately it was us. The quality of the game was really high.

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Overtime for the Championship Match France wins, Denmark oh so close..... More photographs available at
Marcin writes: UPDATE : Swedish fans repeat their neighbours but in a softly way -> its not nice watching a winning Spain and swedish fans that ignore the winner in a worst way I ever saw !!!! Danemark fans showed how to be stupid .... fair play as it is known in scnadinavian countries doesnt exist . Barbie pseudo fairness died(well it doesnt mean the danish crew is same build but it explain their head functionality). Hope these ppl will burn in hell !!!!! go FRANCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a Dane writes: "There has never been such a thing as "unfair fans". The Danish fans have been supportive all the way .." Marcin writes: You ment supportive ? Then you surely dont know the meaning of that word but I'm not surprised with your way of thinking. Everybody saw what happend after the polish national anthem was played - they whistle out that team and more bad the honour of each country !!! Also everybody saw what happend after SPAIN won 3rd place, swedish fans whistle out the winner and after that the refrere(that i can understand) SO PLEASE STAY OBJECTIVE !!!!!!
god I love Denmark! I hope they win next time and that it will be just as close race next time like it was this time.
what a thriller game ! danish were great but france has more experience and "grinta" . Spain were great too . Great championiship in Sweden , one the best since his birth
It was the best final ever in many many years to a Word Championship. Both teams where playing with a very high quality with exicting and smart handball. And what a scocker to the end. Both team could win. But honest, even as I am danish, France deserve to win because they were a tiny little better than the danish team. Congratulation to France with their World championship 2011 and also congratulation to Denmark with the finest silver medals ever - lift your head up and be proud !!
Thanks to both team it was a breathtaking match to the very end ! Congratulation France and hope to see Danmark in another final against France. : ) Must say Landin and Hansen played very well, I almost tought it would cost France their title. Thanks to all the teams, they showed what a beautiful sport handball is. By the way if someone know the songs that were playing during the tournament at breaks, especially one with a man singing in a "sad way" ? Well not Arash. It sounded like a scandinave singer for me, I can be wrong.
MARCIN is just an upset LOSER as was his country in the match against Denmark! YOU should be ashamed of yourself for blaming a whole nation for what might have happend in a game! Go fººk yourself! PS: I'm not a Dane but I lived in Spain too so shut your pie-hole, YOU know NOTHING about fairplay as your copy-paste commentas throughout this site mean NOTHING. So long loser See you in 2013 ;)
It was a magnificent game! I give thanks to both team. As I am french, I feel so happy today. I want to say that Denmark would have been a beautiful champion too, they played very well all along the tournament. As C.Onesta and U.Wilbeck said, we'll meet in many other finals, and next time Daniel Narcisse and Guillaume Gille will be there for France :-)
it's such a pity for the denish team! nevertheless, both deserved it to win!
dbest_1 Give me a fuckin break if Poland had 2 more minutes in the match against Danes they would lost. Poland in the second half was playing fanatastic. And what Marcin said is right this whisteling of Scandinavians was a scandal, and it only showed how ignoring pathetic idiots you people are. Shame on you
Honestly I don’t find the opposition – the buhs and cheers – from the supporters to be offensive at all. Nor do I find it to be out of line! On the contrary it’s part of the drama and ultimately what makes a good match. I’ll admit that it saddens me when the national anthems aren’t respected, but when the first whistle blows it’s a go for the supporters to bring hell upon the visiting team while the match is being played. Anyway. What a final and tournament. Congrats to France (enjoy the title, since this will be the last in a long while ;)
Yeeeeees, nous sommes champions , Bavo la France et bravo le Dannemark pour cette superbe finale Magnifique Vive le handball Nico
Hey bartec, firstly f``k off, secondly I did no say anything about the match with your pusssy country and thirdly Im not a scandinavian but i wish i were because , you may believe it or not but here are the most kind people in the world and you need to leave here to know them so dont open your piehole if you dont speak from your own experience but from what you saw on this forum or on TV! Get a life dude! Cesti.
best_1 : as we all can see you cant keep your emotions in a normal way so maybe visit a psychistrist for this situation ? Using ONLY bad words says a lot about you, not objective, not fair, not discussionable. If you dont recognize the issue: me and many others here say that it is not acceptable to whiste while playing anthem, thats all. It means that these danish fans was very stupid - and the real danish fans know that !!!! btw - if not some PRO-CONTRA comments here that forum would be dead as it was before, while and after the tournament, just a loser conlusion :)
hey moron, if you'd have read my post carefully you would have noticed in that little-brained head of yours that i did not say that the danes should have, did or did not whistle, boo nor cheer before ore during the game but that you all should not judge and condamn a whole nation for the actions of a small group, be it 1% or 99% of the total. And about my emotions i can say i just can't bear to see morons like you saying untruthfull things about a whole nation! And keep in mind my blood is not scandinavian but latin .PS: I suggest you go consult an moron-technician 'caz 'til then your petty stupid lame comments like your whole personality are completely useless and meaningless. See you in 2012 you loser! :-)
Go france. They're a great great team, certainly the most of the handball history Congratulations for denmark, the time will go when you will be champions. Hansen: big big player.
What a pity Australia did not win!! They should get into the Asia Competition, Dimitric never wanted the Australian team to be in the Asian Competition, Dimitric invented the Oceanian Federation made up of three teams, New Zealand, Samoa and the Cook Islands. Australia has a place forever
What a fantastic finish to a great championship tournament. Looking forward to 2013.... More photographs available at
What a great game! both fantastic teams playing! - we'll come for you next year France! ;-)