"It was a top event“ – Closing Press Conference of the World Championship

"It was a top event“ – Closing Press Conference of the World Championship

The IHF and the Swedish Organizing Committee presented facts and figures about the World Championship in Sweden on behalf of the final day in a closing Press Conference.

IHF President Dr. Hassan Moustafa: “We had a very good cooperation with the Swedish organizers and we will go hand in hand with the Swedish Handball Federation in future.  The World Championship was a top event and we are looking forward to the next men’s World Championship in Spain 2013. More than 430.000 spectators attended the 98 matches in Sweden, which mean 23.000 spectators more than 2009 in Croatia. Our medical commission had in total 64 doping tests during the World Championship and all 24 teams were tested. Before the competition 36 tests took place. All tests were negative, so we can say that handball is free of doping. In 2010 the IHF had 108 doping tests – all negative.”

Hans Vestberg, President of the Swedish Handball Federation:  “Two and a half years ago we started our campaign and we are proud of what we had achieved. The World Championships was a great success inside and outside the arenas. We had fantastic spectators and aside the Swedish team showed brilliant performances. The financial outcome we have from the tournament is good – so in total we can be proud on the Swedish handball and of Sweden as hosting nations.”

Arne Elovssson, Swedish OC: “It was our target to have 80 percent of all tickets for this World Championship sold – and we reached this target. The Swedish team and the competition itself created a huge interest in handball – so we are in a good financial situation, too. Some more facts and figures: 1700 volunteers helped to make this World Championship a success, 1500 media were accredited.”

Robert Müller von Vultejus, IHF TV partner UFA Sports: „In point of TV coverage it was the most successful World Championship ever. We had new partners in Africa, Asia and the Americas – in total 43 TV stations broadcasted the final to 162 countries. In Denmark the final will bring an all time record for TV broadcasting, aside all figures from the other Scandinavian countries or France, Spain and Germany meant an increase. Aside our new media strategy was a success: More than 200.000 downloaded our World Championship application for iPhones.

After this closing Press Conference several IHF projects were presented – like: handball@schools, the new IHF video game “Handball Challenge” in cooperation with Neutron Games, the next Women’s World Championship in brazil 2011, the next Men’s World Championship in Spain 2013.


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80 % tickets sold, I believe it was possible to have 100 5 sold. Nonetheless well done. More photgraphs available at http://5f39edca.tinylinks.co
Sorry Richard, but I don't think it is possible to sell 100% of available seats in a large tournament like this. Some of the matches in the preliminary round are just to uneven to be the slightest exciting and attractive for the majority of domestic audiance. And the fans of the nations are too few fill up the stands. But still - also these matches were quite fun to whatch.