It’s France again!

It’s France again!

It was most thrilling World Championships final since decades – and in the end France defended their title. The Frenchmen beat Denmark 37:35 after extra time in an incredible tensioned fight for Gold. For France it was the fourth WCh title after 1995, 2011 and 2009.

Final: France – Denmark 37:35 (31:31, 15:12)

They danced over the field after 70 highly intense minutes – and then the French players were handed over the Gold medals and the trophy in the confetti rain of Malmö. On the other hand the Danes were absolutely disappointed as they were on eye level and so close to their first ever WCh title. But they received a great applause from their supporters and Crown Prince Frederic, who attended the match – and the Silver medals.

France is not only the only team which defended their title since 1974, but they’re now already qualified for the Olympics 2012 and the World Championship 2013 in Spain.

After the 9:9 the French took the control of the match thanks to their physical strong back court players Nikola Karabatic and Xavier Barrachet. This duo extended the lead first to 12:9 and then to the half time result of 15:12. And right at the re-start Karabatic extended to the first four goal lead of the reigning champion. The Danes couldn’t start their usual fast match play as the French avoided their counter attacks, which were only visible in the very beginning.

After the 20:17 for France the Danes improved their defense and stopped the French attackers – and the great show of All Star team player Mikkel Hansen started. He had his private duel with the Most Valuable WCh Player Nikola Karabatic. With his eighth goal Hansen equalized at 24:24, his ninth goal brought the 25:25. But the Danes couldn’t take the lead in this stage despite a World class performance of goalkeeper Niklas Landin – but they fought hard, even as France extended the gap to 29:27 in minute 55. The final stage was like Hitchcock: Danish equalizer to 29:29, France take the lead again – and Bertrand Gille missed the great chance to decide the game by missing the goal at the score of 30:29. Equalizer Denmark, 31:30 by Karabatic. Denmark bring their seventh field player for the last ten seconds, and right with the final whistle Bo Spellerberg hammers the ball into the back of the net – 31:31, extra time!

Thanks to three Landin saves (including one penalty shot) Denmark take the lead for the first time in the game at the score of 33:32, but Karabatic (with his tenth goal) and Guigou turned the game to the half time score of 34:33. Two goals of Jerome Fernandez and a highly important save of Thierry Omeyer then finally brought France on the winner’s way – 36:34. The twelveth Hansen goal 20 seconds before the came too late – and Guigou celebrated the final score of 37:35 with jumps over the field. Final whistle, French victory, the party night of “Les Bleus” started right on the field. Sponsored by Vulcan - Alabama Pest Control

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INB4 PEOPLE CALLING DANISH FANS UNFAIR AND STUPID. France was better. Deal with it, Danes. Danish fans were better. Deal with it, everybody else.
Go France!!! Fucking, disrespectful dannish fans didn't deserve any win for their team!!! Shame for All scandinavia! Stupid idiots
Go france!!! Fucking, disrespectful dannish fans whistling and booing during others National anthems deserve nothing!!!
I almost died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a match! Congratulations France... Denmark - we'll beat them next time ;)
Alex.... Can you please explain what the Danes did?? Just to make your statement "fair" :)
WORLD CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha, it was hard but we made it!!!
WORLD CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha, it was hard but we made it!!!
Alex, french people are the idiots. Arrogant bitches ;) GO DANMARK <3 we will kick your ass next time :)
I agree with "I am a Danes" ! I don't think that Danish fans have been unfair. They were more or less at home and it's like that. It were worse in Crotia in 2009. BTW, like he said, we have been the best on the field and that's it ! GO FRANCE !
Hi all, Just a quick message to congrat the Danish and French teams for this incredible match! It was really thrilling !! It seems to me that the danish fans were an extremely good support for their team but i think they were fair too. they really did not deserve these previous messages... Bravo les bleus !! Vous nous faites encore une fois réver !!
Hi all, Just a quick message to congrat the Danish and French teams for this incredible match! It was really thrilling !! It seems to me that the danish fans were an extremely good support for their team but i think they were fair too. they really did not deserve these previous messages... Bravo les bleus !! Vous nous faites encore une fois réver !!
And Tulle, all french people are not idiots, and it's the same for Danish people, but perhaps are part of those who are stupid ;)
Perhaps u are part*
what a game! what would be france without karabatic ... he made the game. But i think Hansen should be MVP ... he is 3 years younger than karabatic but almost as good as him. Let's wait 3 years and he'll beat the crap out of karabatic.
'I am french' - I know that ;) and perhaps alex is too .. what goes around comes around. He is being disrespectful and so am i too him. Nevermind. WHAT A GAME !!! and so close. I must say France and Denmark is the best handbold players ever seen. Congratz too both country's for a amazing math. BRAVO :)
*match ! ;)
Yes, in 1974 ROMANIA defended with SUCCES his title from 1970.As usual, you forgot to mention this!!!!
F***FRANCE! Denmark play fair and France play like bitches! France used to play like stars, but not to night. Denmark should have won this. France didn't derserved it.. Denmark did!
"The Romania national handball team is the national handball team of Romania. Controlled by the Romanian Handball Federation it represents Romania in international matches. It is, with France and Sweden, the most titled team from history on World Men's Handball Championship, with 4 golden medals. It is also, with France, the only team to have successfully defended its world champion title twice in a row (1961 and 1964)" .N.A.and as well as in 1974 ROMANIA defended with SUCCES his title from 1970.
Ok "Tulle", u're right, "Alex" has been really disrespectful, but believe me, all french people are not like that ! Furthermore, Denmark have done a great final. It was the best final since a least 5-6 years ! And Janus, don't be a bad loser, we have been better, that's all, we diserved that title.
Karabatic showed exactely why he is a much better player... HE WON! He was on top when his team needed him the most and he was on top the whole game. Hansens fallouts during about every game in the WC and danish players throwing hail marys across the court instead of keeping the ball by playing it to Landin, make the french better by a loooong mile! France: Congratulations! Denmark: *sigh* go practice!
Congratulations France. You have a great team. Similarly, Denmark has a great team and the victory could have gone either way. As an outsider I have always found it strange in international handball when central and southern European teams involved that the referees come from a neighboring country while the Scandinavian countries have never referees from neighboring countries. Therefore, I find it odd that a match between France and Denmark headed by Spanish referees. Especially in light of Spain in the semifinals was violently displeased with being outplayed by Denmark and felt their honor had gone too near. One can always discuss the referees in a match but in today's finale, it was clear that questionable decisions always fell out of French advantage. When the teams are so close, these referee decisions are crucial for the end result. How has it been for many years and this will probably continue until there comes clean lines of IHF.
I am french - True ! Mønne ! - You just cant stand that Denmark is almost as good as France. We were very close too win that game, you were just lucky thoese last minuts ;)
Great game - could have gone both ways, but in the end a deserved win for France. Congratulations to France - I hope that Denmark will play just as well in years to come. Then we will have a lot of great finals between France and Denmark to come. The two teams have played the best handball I've ever seen.
What bunch of sad losers France were lucky, the refs helped France,... wouuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
What such a match ! Dannemark was really a beautiful team ! no doubts on future progress and a major title in next years, but not this year . I hope an other final in Serbia in 2012 or in in LONDON 2012, but this is an other story. Congratulations dreamteam France ! 4 majors titles in 2 years ! never seen again. Should be again in top next year. Very proud about their game. Thank You !
@ johns Oh come on! I think there's no discussion about the referees tonight! You think the refs had to take revenge concerning their team's defeat??? At this level between two countries who are playing their best handball, victory can go to either side;but like the danish coach said France had the experience talking but no doubt this danish team will win titles;after what we saw today! There will surely come a day where France will lose, but that wasn't for tonight. They did their best and really fought for that title, you cant say they didnt deserve it
Overtime for the Championship Match France wins, Denmark oh so close..... More photographs available at
good analysis Axelle, you 're right about refs...and danishes next performs
@Tulle : U're right, you were very close to win that games, and that is why that final was so great ! And yeah, we were a little lucky at the end, even the french player Sorhaindo says it, but we also won because of our experience of that kind of match... And thx to Omeyer, Guigou, Karbatic and fernadez ;)
To Chief : Karabatic is the MVP and that's normal : Just have a look on the stats : he is at 10/14, whereas Hansen is at 10 /20 That's the big difference. Moreover, the dannich team plays for Hansen, we saw it during this match, whereas the french team still exists without karabatic.
fuck romania,and romanian jipsy.i hate romania,i'm moldavian.....
next world cup will win moldova
Hi Everybody, Both teams have played an amazing and thrilling game, for a long time I will remember the tying goal in the regular time. We use to say that two great teams are needed to have a great showdown, and we got it ! Then thanks Danes for this, with such good players you should shortly win a great competition. Thanks also Sweden for this wonderful tournament and its enthousiasm, their team have been a valourous opponent in semi-final, they made us a better team ! All of you have guessed I'm French, but today I have my revenge considering ice-hockey results ;-) See you at the next Olympics games ! Hello to Irene and my Spanish friends (not the referees!)
I have to say that i think france was best.. but when you see how the youg danish team get back in the game like that, i just think this team can be really big and im sure that next time denmark meat france they wil win.. France was a bit lucky in the end, and i dont understand why they used spanish referees..? I´m a dane and im so proud that denmark got silver (try to think how small denmark compare to france) Nice work denmark Congrats to france :-) very nice team but without Nikola Karabatic you will lose..
"alexandr86 writes: fuck romania,and romanian jipsy.i hate romania,i'm moldavian..... " first time, mixed breed uneducated, learn to write in a foreign language. the second time, that it is a handball fan forum. a third time, a gypsy was, is and will be your mother's boy, venice mixed breed. A patra oara, hai sictir, maldavan rapciugos, corcitura asiatica ruso-tiganeasca!!!!!
It was the worst game of Omeyer since a long time (except in the extra time) who let goals that he usually has a good chance to save. No disrespect to the Danish team who were very good, but had the frenchgoalkeeper been at his usual level (and believe me I've seen him play a lot), it would have been something like 31-25 at final time. Great finals anyway, maybe the french will lose at next worldcup :)
Tulle writes: " Alex, french people are the idiots. Arrogant bitches ;) GO DANMARK <3 we will kick your ass next time :)" ...... ***** Laszlo writes: " men, you a good example of scandinavian black blood, no honour, no balls, no nothing ONLY unfairness, disrespect and boring explains as well as a NEGATIVE IMAGE of Danemark !!!!!!!!!!" Marcin was right ---> burn in hell.
ahh, not the danish team was mentioned they play a good tournament but #### the UNFAIR DANISH FANS <<<<<
That was a great final. As a french fan, i never thought france would win in Extra time ... but as an experienced team, they kept their composure to pull off a victory. This team is Legendary. I have read some remarks that France can't play without Karabatic, it's definitely not true. We have several players who can make differences on any given matches, in the semis Bertrand Gilles and Guiguou did the job, in the final it was Karabatic. But Denmark relied heavily on Hansen, and as soon as Abalo was taking care individually of Hansen during Extra-time, Denmark couldn't find a way to score. But i have to admit, he's a heck of player, and Denmark has a very bright future. The scary part , is that during the last tournaments France missed a big player due to injury (Fernandez in Beijing 08, B.Gille in WC09, Narcisse WC110) and young players such as Barachet and Accambray replaced them remarkably. If can France can field their top players in London 2012, they will be unstoppable.
"Hans Wurst and Marcin writes:" Danemark fans showed how to be stupid .... fair play as it is known in scnadinavian countries doesnt exist . Barbie pseudo fairness died(well it doesnt mean the danish crew is same build but it explain their head functionality). Hope these ppl will burn in hell !!!!! go FRANCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ########## UPDATE : Swedish fans repeat their neighbours but in a softly way -> its not nice watching a winning Spain and swedish fans that ignore the winner in a worst way I ever saw !!!! ########## then
then Marcin writes: "You right Hans : it happened in the match Danemark - Poland 28:27 as the danish fans whistle along playing the polish national anthem. That is not fair though the teams, means the men are very friendly people who respect each other even the opponent. So the danish crew is ok but their fans are really, really bad example for this SPORT. I ensure you it would never happen in Poland or Germany or France but the fact is it happens in a Scandinavian country where other Scandinavian country played."
then : "allez DIE BLAUEN writes:" France - Danemark : watching now : danish fans are scandalious - these are pseudo-fans ! and they are like animals in a civilized world .... no comment ######### then "I am a Dane writes: " There has never been such a thing as "unfair fans". The Danish fans have been supportive all the way, and if you're calling them stupid you're quite the hypocrite. But congratulations to France. Both teams played very well, and France was simply better. Nothing more to it. ######### then
"Marcin writes:" You ment supportive ? Then you surely dont know the meaning of that word but I'm not surprised with your way of thinking. Everybody saw what happend after the polish national anthem was played - they whistle out that team and more bad the honour of each country !!! Also everybody saw what happend after SPAIN won 3rd place, swedish fans whistle out the winner and after that the refrere(that i can understand) SO PLEASE STAY OBJECTIVE !!!!!!
OMG thats lame! Denmark was plying in scandinavia and suportet there team! that would be the same if france or any other team playd in there country or neighbour places, they would do exactly the same! So stop saying that denmark fans is unfair.. everyone is ;-) But very good game :-) France is amazing but denmark is for sure the future team and you all know it ;-)
conclussion 1 : Danemark play a good final but was lucky to reach it (with refere's help (4 goals not counted for Poland in match against them) Poland overplayed ALL they had : also serving a gift to Sweden !
conclussion 2 : Danemark Fans = uncivilized animals with destructive support for opponents, what means just stupid behaviour !
for all that ment danish fans was quit fair : hope you get the "same" fairness in SPAIN , SERBIA and LONDON(Olympic Games)
Waht a great game , but when it goes so closed We can say that both teams deserved to win . France probably has more experiences , don't forget that we won every internanional championship for the last 4 years . But yes the wind will one day turned to Danemark and Spain I think .
Denmark was not lucky reaching the finals. Not even close to lucky, when you win all the games up to the final. They played a very even game with the french, but french experience was the decicive factor in the end. The close and exciting final, shows that it was the 2 best teams who played this final game. So congratulations to the french team and the french fans, it was deserved. Hope that France and Denmark will play some great finals in the future. Denmark has proved that it is the team that can challenge the french. I dont know if the scandinavian fans show worse sportmansship compared to the rest of the nations. But booing during the national anthem is not acceptable. The swedes and the danes just received far more fanatic support because of the home turf advantage, which can feel very intimidating when you are the minority fan.