Group C, main round II, semi-final, final
MALMÖ IS A STATE OF MIND. If you’ve ever taken a walk from the...
55.5652778 12.9761111
Group A & C, mainround II, placement matches
LUND – THE CITY OF IDEAS Situated in the centre of the attractive and expansive Öresund...
55.7028541 13.1929125
Group A, semi-final, placement matches
  Welcome to Kristianstad all handball fans! Kristianstad combines the best of...
56.0231405 14.1627702
Main round I
JÖNKÖPING - A BETTER LOCATION Jönköping is strategically located between Sweden's three...
57.7817978 14.1585104
Group D
Thank you for the party!
57.6969943 11.9865
president's cup
WELCOME TO SKÖVDE! Skövde is the engine of growth in the region of Skaraborg due to its...
58.3911541 13.8472682
Group B
Linköping together with Norrköping welcome you to the handball-fiesta in Sweden´s fourth...
58.4163681 15.6242757
Group B
Norrköping together with Linköping welcome you to the handball-fiesta in Sweden´s fourth...
58.5947017 16.1836073

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