Linköping together with Norrköping welcome you to the handball-fiesta in Sweden´s fourth largest urban area, Twin Cities! 

Linköping together with Norrköping forms a dynamic region with 420,000 inhabitants and is situated only 90 minutes from Stockholm. The region offers not only some of Sweden´s most famous tourist attractions, but also good service and short distances to places of interest.
The charm is in the size. Big enough to have most everything, small enough to have it all close at hand. Linköping is quite simply a little big city. It makes life refreshingly easy and enjoyable. New impressions and more experiences are just a walk away. And when you leave the city’s borders, you’ll find even more within easy reach. There’s a lot to discover here, year round. Come and see for yourself!
It’s easy to love Linköping—especially downtown. We have many of the advantages of big cities without the disadvantages. Water, arenas, cafés, shops, museums, restaurants, cinemas, parks—it’s all within a few minutes’ journey. New residents often talk about the cozy, pleasant atmosphere downtown— come and enjoy it along with us!

Shopping i Linköping

See things you´ve never seen before
Bring your camera! There is tons to see and many, many places worth visiting. Like the mighty cathedral that has looked over the city for over 800 years. Don’t miss the idyllic open air museum Gamla Linköping. The air force museum, (Flygvapenmuseum), features a salvaged DC3 that was shot down over the Baltic in 1952 during the Cold War. And don’t miss the canal locks in the picturesque Berg at the famous Göta Canal.


Close to shopping, entertainment, fine dining and a place to rest
If you’re a shopping fan, you’re a Linköping fan. Our shopping range has breadth and depth, a blend of popular chains and unique independent stores. The downtown area boasts nearly 200 stores, three shopping centers and classic open-air markets.
The nightlife is concentrated to Stora Torget Square and Ågatan Street, a row of restaurants, bars and nightclubs like a string of pearls. But there are a few places along the Stångån River as well. An English pub, a busy café, a cozy bistro or a fine candlelight dinner? It’s all there. Several restaurants focus specially on local recipes and locally produced raw materials. 
Linköping is your place for music, culture and sports. Year round! From intimate club gigs to power concerts in the Cloetta Center, to magnificent symphonies and stirring chorals. Linköping is also home to festivals for lovers of everything from chocolate to jazz & blues. Linköping is a perfect weekend city—with a wide range of hotels, from tiny privately owned ones to big, renowned full-service chains.
Breathe deep. Mother Nature is just around the corner
The garden society, Trädgårdsföreningen, and the peaceful walking paths along the Stångån River/Kinda Canal are the green oases of the city. But Linköping is also surrounded by beautiful country, like the fantastic Oak Woodland—Northern Europe’s biggest continuous stretch of oak forest—just a few kilometers from downtown Linköping. This is also the municipality in Sweden with the most canal locks.

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