• The Men’s Handball World Championship is played 13-30 January 2011.
  • 24 teams from all the world's continents are participating.
  • The Championship begins with preliminary round – four groups of six teams each. Sweden will play their five first matches in Gothenburg.
  • Continuing are two main round groups.
  • Finals, and one of two semi-finals, are going to be hosted in Malmö Arena in the southernmost of Sweden. The other semi-final is to be played in Kristianstad.
  • One of the objectives of the championship is to create a multi-cultural party, which extends far outside the handball arenas.
  • The WCh-cities are Malmö, Lund, Kristianstad, Göteborg, Skövde, Jönköping, Linköping and Norrköping.
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  • During the last men's World Championship in Croatia in 2009, was 1 568 media representatives accredited. Television broadcasts reached far over 1.5 billion viewers in 150 countries.
  • The Men’s Handball World Championship is the largest event in Scandinavia in 2011.

Sweden 2011 - where handball is accessible to everyone.

We are on our toes to prepare the best Championships ever. The Men’s Handball World Championship in 2011 is going to be an international celebration and a once in a lifetime experience for everyone.

The Swedish host cities will do their very best to welcome not only Swedes, but handball fans from all over the world, to the championships in 2011. Sweden's geographical position, close to other great European handball nations, makes it convenient for millions of people to reach handball at its best.

This spectacular event will take place in the southern parts of Sweden between 13 and 30 of January. Closest to continental Europe – a stone’s throw from Copenhagen by bridge – lies Malmö Arena – Europe's most modern arena, which eagerly awaits the chance to play host to the finals of the Swedish 2011 World Championship.

Overall, the championship offers new and modern arenas, great public interest, good infrastructure and a superb geographic location. The conditions are perfect for an extraordinary public event.

A handball world championship deserves spectators. A big crowd of spectators. And in order for as many as possible to be able to attend the world championship matches, they must be made convenient. We do this. We want to fill the arenas regardless of the venue, regardless of the teams playing. A handball world championship in Sweden is easy and convenient for everyone actively involved, all sponsors and visitors to get to.

Most handball halls in Sweden are large and modern, with fantastic opportunities for media, sponsors and spectators. The halls planned for the 2011 World Championship are new, lie in the heart of the cities and are close to shopping, cultural meeting places and fashionable hotels. It is also easy to travel between the planned arenas, which are all located in southern Sweden. 

In Sweden, handball is both everyday life and a celebration. Here, handball is always close to our hands and hearts. The public is interested, knowledgeable and fair. To enable as many as possible to attend the matches, we have decided to keep ticket prices low. The hosting cities will make sure that this event will become so much more than just a tournament within the arenas but also a happening in the city centers as well.

Welcome to Sweden in 2011!