HungaryGroup B / Finals / Mainround 1 / Placement


24 years ago Hungary had won their one and only medal at Men’s World Championships by taking Silver. In 2010 it was a tough fight to qualify for Sweden, after losing the first leg of the qualification against Slovenia – but in the end wing player Gergö Ivancsik made the WCH dream come true for the Hungarians.

The men’s team wasn’t as successful as their female counterparts and even missed some WCH tournaments in the last decades, but they're still a country with great handball tradition.

Biggest star is Laszlo Nagy – the only Non-Catalan player in the long history of the FC Barcelona who became team captain starting this season. Aside a lot of Hungarians play abroad or returned to the top club MKB Veszprem. The closest connection of Veszprem to the national team is coach Lajos Mocsai who will be in double function the next two years. Initially he was only planned as a coach during the WCH qualifiers but then his club agreed on becoming not only intermediate but full-time national coach.

In 2009 the dream of their second WCH medal ended in the Main Round, later-on the Hungarians also lost the placement match 5/6 against Germany.