DenmarkGroup C / Mainround 2 / Finals


They were called "eternal Bronze winner" until 2008 – then the Danish men took their first ever international title by becoming European Champion in the final in Lillehammer against Croatia. Coach Ulrik Wilbek who led the Danish women’s national team to the Olympics and EURO gold, is the father of this success.  The hopes are high in Denmark as the support will be great in Malmö, close to the Danish border.

The best ever result of the “Danish Dynamite” at World Championships was the Silver medal in 1967, in 2007 they won Bronze, in 2009 they missed a medal by losing the Bronze final against Poland.

Top stars of the team are Mikkel Hansen who just returned from Barcelona to Copenhague or legendary Lars Christianssen record national player and record top scorer of the Federation. Wilbek can count on a team with great international experience, as most of his stars play or played in top leagues like Germany or Spain – but since two years there’s a “return wave” to Denmark, as the league’s improving. The men are getting out of the shadow of their even more successful women. Due to missing the semis at the EURO 2010 the Danes had to play qualification matches for Sweden 2011, but didn’t have problems to beat Switzerland.