BahrainGroup A / Presidents Cup


Sahed Johar has written history – with one of the most spectacular handball goals in 2010. Six seconds are still to play in the semi of the Asian Championships between Bahrain and Saudi-Arabia, the score is 25:25 and the Saudis are in ball possession. A shot, but Bahrain goalkeeper Mohammed Abdulhussain saves, the ball flies to Sahed Johar who’s standing at the six metres line of his own goal. He shoots from there, the Saudi keeper is too far away from his goal, the ball drops into the net, final whistle, 26:25 for Bahrain, huge celebrations after the Emirat team has reached the final of Asian Championships for the very first time – and aside qualified for their first ever WCH in Sweden. Despite losing the final against Korea clearly the joy was extreme in Bahrain – and this excitement even rose after the draw in Gothenburg: “It’s the best that could happen to our team and our country,” goalkeeper Abdulhussain said, after the three former World Champions France, Germany and Spain had been drawn into Bahrain’s group.