AustraliaGroup C / Presidents Cup

Australia is a relative newcomer to Handball, although there are recorded instances of the field version being played by Europeans back in the 1940’s whilst being held in internment camps in Australia during the Second World War.

 The first recorded modern indoor game was played in Australia in 1982 when Sasha Dimitric gathered a group of European immigrants (and former players) to play a match against a team from the French territory of New Caledonia. Following this game the sport continued in Sydney, and then other European immigrants in Brisbane and Melbourne also commenced to play the sport that they had left behind when they migrated to Australia. The Australian Handball Federation was formed and in 1988 became the 100th Member of the IHF. The aim of the Federation was to grow and gain qualification to World Championships and the Olympic Games.

 This quest started with a guest appearance in the Asian Championship, but although coming 2nd to Japan in the preliminary pool games, no further progress was possible since Asia would not surrender one of its own members place to the World Championship. The result was the formation of the Oceania Federation and a start to the process to allow Oceania to take part in the World Championship and qualification for Olympic Games. Australia won the first Oceania Championship in 1994, but it took the awarding of the 2000 Olympic Games to Sydney, Australia before both dreams could be realised. As host Nation Australia automatically qualified for the games, but needed far more International competition in preparation. For the World Championship in 1999, Australia was granted entry to assist their preparation.

 By 2003 Oceania had been granted a ticket to the World Championship and since then Australia has won the right to represent the Oceania region. The struggle to make a mark on the handball world continues as the sport in Australia is very small and attracts very little funding assistance with all players being amateur. All players selected to represent their Country at World Championships and any other tournaments pay their own expenses. The officials running the sport are all unpaid volunteers, yet the teams continue to compete at the highest levels and never fail to impress with their never give up play. 

 Since then a generational change has been in progress within the Australian team, with the 2005 team being all Australian born. Many of the younger players in the team for Sweden have only ever played handball in Australia. Several have reversed the previous story of former European players being the backbone of Australian teams by travelling to Europe and playing in the European leagues.





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Australia needs to start delivering the goods next year in Sweden. Because i like Australia.
They are the loveable losers of international team handball, Australia is getting to be the Cincinnati Bengals of Team Handball. Because one win just is not good enough. For Australia, the time to perform in next year's Men's Handball World Championship is now.
Everyone is always criticising Australia but no one ready to help. If handball wants to be a true global sport then Australia and Oceania must be supported and helped. Yes, along the way they are going to get big defeats but they shouldn't be pushed away because the problem is "too difficult". In Rugby World Cup in the past we saw results like 150 - 0 but no one criticised the bad teams they just helped them - and slowly they are getting better. Handball in Australia is a small sport and they get little help from the rest of the handball community. They need coaches, they need good quality games, they need knowledge from Europe and not just be pushed aside and kept in isolation.
Good luck Australia you are the BEST!
Australia had a brief history on making things worse, 21st in Portugal, dead last in Tunisia, dead last in Germany and dead last in Croatia. Next year, Australia needs to do better in Sweden, so they don't become the Chicago Cubs of team handball. Or is it the New York Mets? Anyway, Australia needs to turn the loveable losers of team handball into the loveable winners. Good luck Australia you are going to need it.
myabe if you stopped calling it TEAM handball youd be at the wc too? You realise you are the only people in the world that call it that?
Good luck Nemanja Subotic, you are the best player!!! Serbia is also with you !!!
Good luck Michael "Hollywood" Thomas!! All your fans at Penrith Leagues Club will be supporting you.
Go Mr Jason Hoppner, you are the best and most talented handball player in the world !!! I hope you try really hard and give it your best.
Go " Hoppy " Jason Hoppner I love you heaps. Your special friend Col Ricketts
Good luck Australia! Next year everything will start to improve! I'm rooting for you in Brazil! Luciano Silva