AlgeriaGroup C / Presidents Cup


They were close to their first continental final since decades, but in the end Algeria lost their semi against Egypt at the African Championships in Cairo in January 2010. But like in 2008 they took the Bronze medal and qualified for the World Championship in Sweden again as third ranked team from Africa by beating Democratic Republic of Congo in the Bronze final clearly.

For Algeria it’s the eleventh participation at a World Championship, their best ever result was rank 13 at the WCH 2001 in France. In the 1980’s they were the leading nation in African men’s handball and took the continental title five consecutive times from 1981 and 1989. From 1995 and 2005 Algeria was qualified for every World Championship, but then missed the tournament in Germany 2007. In Croatia 2009 they ranked 19th in the end. The team mostly consists of players playing for domestic clubs, but some already changed to France.